Winter/spring fundraising effort

Recently one of our clients was asked what she would do if South Hayward Parish weren’t there to provide food. She hesitated and said, “I guess I wouldn’t eat.”

South Hayward Parish is a community of many faiths, all of which share a commitment to improve the living conditions of disadvantaged members of our larger shared community. All of our religions have observances and holidays in the spring which represent rebirth in one form or another. For Jews, we focus on throwing off the yoke of slavery and fighting injustice at Purim and Passover. Many Christians observe Lent, in which they give up something to gain the experience of hardship.  But for too many of our neighbors, giving up food, housing and freedom of action is not a spiritual exercise; it is not a choice.

Whatever you do to observe the season, we encourage you to help your neighbors by making a generous donation to South Hayward Parish. You can mail a check to the above address, or use the “Donate” button on our website or Facebook page.

  • You will feed the hungry. Our Food Pantry is open 4 days a week.  It provides about 400 families with nutritious food each week.
  • You will support the homeless.  In an average week, South Hayward Parish provides about 75 free showers to homeless men and women.  They also receive help in finding and accessing other services. And on cold or rainy winter nights, up to 24 adults eat a hot meal and sleep in a warm, dry place in our Winter Warming Shelter.
  • You will work towards Social Justice.  Each year South Hayward Parish organizes a rally in downtown Hayward on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. This family friendly event builds on the teachings of Dr. King and aims to motivate attendees to continue striving for a better, more just community.

Tell your friends how you are helping make Hayward a better place for everyone and encourage them to do so too. If your employer has a matched giving program, please take advantage of it and give through your work place so that you can do twice as much good.

Put your values into action by supporting South Hayward Parish.  Feed the hungry, comfort the homeless and fight for social justice!