Winter 2018-19 Community Appeal

You have all heard that it takes a village and that you can make the difference…Clichés but they are true.

Poor people are the hardest working folks in the world just trying to stay alive. They may not be right in our line of sight but they are struggling to have enough food, keep a roof over their heads and provide for their families.

Tim is a substitute teacher. He teaches geography. Not a lot of calls for geography teachers but he can’t afford to go back to school to upgrade his skills on his salary.

So he lives in his car. He relies on South Hayward Parish for food and showers and assistance with getting social services. He volunteers to help others.

Tim is a contributing member of society and he can’t afford a place to live.

We cannot relieve hunger without food.
We cannot relieve thirst without water
We cannot relieve homelessness without homes.
We cannot defeat dirt without a bathroom
Hunger without a kitchen
Shopping carts without a closet
We cannot relieve cruelty without seeing the faces of need clearly.

Your donations to SHP bring those faces into focus and provide food, shelter, information and support so that the poverty line is reduced
…….face by face by face.

Poverty Line

Neither straight, nor curved,
The longest line
On Earth!

— Premji Premji