Starr King UU Church Thanksgiving Service features work of South Hayward Parish

The annual SKUU Thanksgiving service on November 23, 2014 again featured the work of the South Hayward Parish Food Pantry. The congregation collected 660 pounds of food for the pantry by the time the service started.

The SKUU choir singing.

The SKUU choir at the Thanksgiving Service. A small amount the collected food is visible on the left.

Some donations that came in after the service raised the haul to nearly 700 pounds. This was significantly more than was donated last year.

South Hayward Parish also received the funds in the “special plate” dedicated to the Parish. A total of $1,615 was raised.

The themes of thankfulness and gratitude were prominent in the service led by Reverend Joy Atkinson.

Guest speaker Sue Merrill, Executive Director of South Hayward Parish, also addressed the congregation.

Sue Merrill speaking about the South Hayward Parish

Sue Merrill, Executive Director of South Hayward Parish, addresses the congregation about the work of SHP.

SHP is thankful for the support of the church, and the congregation is thankful for the opportunity to be actively at work in the larger community.

Thanks to Terri Owen for the article.