New Bridges to Sell SHP Site

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Respected Hayward Food Pantry Could Be Homeless After 50 Years.

Like some of its clients, South Hayward Parish is facing the possibility of homelessness. SHP has been operating out of the New Bridges Church Outreach Center at 27287 Patrick Ave in Hayward. The building is being sold and the group will need to relocate by Dec 31st.

“New Bridges Church has supported our mission for many years, and we thank them. Now, they need to sell the property, and we understand,” said Board Chairman Daryl Berman, “We just desperately want to find a new site, so that we can continue our work without too much disruption to our many clients.”

The largest program is the Food Pantry which operates four days a week. On a typical Tuesday (July 9), 105 individuals were given food according to their family size (1 to 9 on that Tuesday). The 105 people picking up the groceries, represented hundreds more who were being fed.

SHP also runs a 25 bed winter warming shelter for the homeless. They also provide case management to offer referrals and advice to clients year round. The homeless can also, of course, come to the Pantry.

“We fight homelessness through all of our programs,” said Annette Sanders SHP case manager, “When we provide groceries for a family for 2-3 days, much needed cash is freed up to put toward the rent, or to pay utilities. The best way to fight homelessness is to prevent the family from losing their home in the first place.”

South Hayward Parish is well respected in the community, and enjoys the support of many local officials. “SHP has been active for years in the community,” said Hayward City Council member Francisco Zermeno, “SHP has worked with and supported the community at both the City and County level. For over 50 years, SHP has contributed immensely to Hayward with its programs for the poor.”

Alameda County Supervisor Richard Valle said, “Over many years, we could count on SHP to support all the poverty and social justice issues that came before the City Council. They really care about this community. And our office would like to offer ongoing support and are willing to meet and confer with New Bridges Church Officials”.

We are hoping to find a new site as quickly as possible, and are actively looking at all alternatives (another church property, City or County property, a store front, or other business site).

Board chair Berman welcomes any information on available sites, ideas, or coalitions. “We can perhaps separate our programs for different venues. We are open to talking to anyone with a good idea. We would like to stay in the Tennyson area, but please let us know about anything that might be available.”