Emergency Food Pantry’s clients increased dramatically

In the last 12 months the Emergency Food Pantry’s clients increased dramatically:

Month/Year Unduplicated Clients Served
November, 2011 966
December, 2011 935
January, 2012 1,041  
February 2012 1,142
March, 2012 1,222
April, 2012 1,246
May, 2012 1,364
June, 2012 1,399
July, 2012 1,476
August, 2012 1,668
September, 2012 1,872
October, 2012 2,083

And the numbers continue to grow.

Thanksgiving Week

Because we were closed for Thursday and Friday of Thanksgiving week, we opened the Pantry early on Tuesday and Wednesday. In those two days we provided groceries, staples, fresh produce, and chicken for three hundred and ninety families; over nine hundred unduplicated individuals. Our staff and volunteers did a wonderful job but in reality it would not have been possible without those who support the Parish with their donations.