Policy Rationale

South Hayward Parish is committed to supporting the health of its clients. It is our intention to provide clients with healthy, nutritious, and appealing dietary options. To that end, and in view of the fact that added sugar has been identified as a key contributor to conditions and diseases such as obesity, diabetes and heart disease, SHP’s food pantry is committed to reducing the amount of foods high in added sugar that clients receive.

SHP limits the distribution of:

  1. Candy (only x amount of candy per household per distribution)
  2. Pastries (only x amount of pastries per household per distribution)
  3. Sugary cereals (only x amount of pastries per household per distribution)
  4. Soda and other Sugar Sweetened Beverages (only x amount per household per distribution)

SHP also does the following things to minimize the distribution of foods high in added sugar:

  1. Gives away candy to other sources when possible
  2. Makes donated pastries less visible by storing them in less visible areas on the pantry line (e.g. on the top of the bread rack)
  3. When soda or other sugar sweetened beverages are handed out, other healthier options are also provided (100% juice, milk, water), whenever available.
  4. Offers regular nutrition education classes to ensure that clients have the knowledge to make healthier choices.

Definition of terms:

  • Sugary Cereals: first or second ingredient is a type of sugar (such as: high fructose corn syrup, sugar, corn syrup, molasses, honey)
  • Pastries: sweet baked food made of dough. Includes foods such as pies, cakes, cookies, muffins, and doughnuts.
  • Sugar sweetened beverages: any beverage with added sugar (such as: sweetened teas, sports drinks, juice drinks)