2018-19 Winter Shelter Update

**Now Open Every Night**

At our meeting on December 15, the SHP Board decided to move full speed ahead on our goal of increasing our winter warming shelter services. The Board authorized staff to request sufficient funding from the city and county we can open every night which would classify us as a “winter shelter”; those requests have been approved, and the winter shelter will be open through April 30!

**Volunteers Needed**

There is so much more behind the scenes work that still needs to happen.   Can you or someone you know help with these things?

1.       Need help washing blankets: Can you volunteer to help wash a few blankets? These are light weight twin size.  Washing needs to happen each night the shelter opens.  While there may be quite a few blankets, remember, if we work together, the wash load doesn’t have to be heavy. 

2.       Assistance in the evening when the shelter is open. On evenings the shelter is open, we need volunteers from 5:30 to 8:30 to

  1. greet people at 5:30 pm
  2. setup tables & chairs for dinner
  3. set up mats & blankets
  4. help with dinner prep & serve dinner
  5. clean up kitchen after dinner
In the morning, we need people to take blankets, wash them, and then return the clean blankets.

3.       Food-Dinner for one night:  Can you cook a casserole or two?   SHP has freezers so you can bring a meal that can be warmed up.

Call South Hayward Parish and sign up to help, (510) 785-3663

or email volunteer@southhaywardparish.org

or fill our Contact Form

“Together, we can make a difference for those who have only known homelessness.”